About Us

Company Overview

Uncomon Resilience LLC specializes in leadership excellence. We strengthen your success on three levels:
  1. Personal Excellence – broadens your understanding of your potential and gets you to operate at peak performance, giving you greater confidence in your leadership capabilities.
  2. Team Excellence – introduces you to practical solutions on how to bring out the best in your team, create a culture of high performance, lead across divisions, and make decisions in complex situations.
  3. Enterprise Excellence – positions you to think strategically about your company and how to successfully manage your day-to-day operating transitions while keeping a line of sight on growth opportunities.
Our promise to you…
  1. Configurable and Innovative Solutions that address critical business and leadership challenges facing you, your team and your company.
  2. Practical Hands-on Skill Mastery to help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence required to deliver optimal results.
  3. Dynamic Growth Experience using strategic projects, online programs, e-coaching solutions and live events allowing you to synthesize and deploy new concepts quickly and effectively.


Welcome to THE UNCOMON RESILIENCE family! You have what it takes to rise above the crowd, be your best self and leave your mark on our generations. We are here to help you discover your seeds of greatness; keep your vision alive; stay passionate; unleash the best leader within you and keep you growing. We commit to provide performance improvement solutions that challenge your thinking; help you unlock hidden opportunities and prepare you for success.

We promise to honor and protect your privacy; keep your information confidential and secure; handle every interaction with you in accordance to high standards of integrity and ethics; and extend to you the highest level of service and growth experience.

About Our Founder

Joan Lawrence-Ross is a performance improvement strategist with over 20 years of experience partnering with individuals, teams and organizations on how to think optimally to turn ideas into results. She has held senior executive roles at Fortune 500 companies such as AIG, AXA and Citi leading teams to define organizational learning strategies; design and implement cultural efficiency models; strengthen talent pipeline using competency and skills assessment tools; provide executive coaching, mentoring and other cutting edge development and growth solutions. Joan has experience working across several industries: financial services, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and the US government, working both nationally and internationally.

As an Executive Coach, Joan works with leaders at all levels to enhance their personal excellence and the effectiveness of their teams to deliver optimal results. Her work includes the use diagnostic assessments, implementation of human capital solutions to accelerate organizational cultural change, and strengthening employee capabilities at all levels. Other areas of focus include the facilitation of meetings for strategy planning, strategy execution, problem resolution, new leader assimilation, team building and team development to improve productivity and efficiency.

As a professional speaker and workshop leader, Joan Lawrence-Ross addresses topics such as “Strategic Thinking Unleashed: Building Tomorrow’s Organization Today”; “Are You a Leader?”; “Are you a Confident Leader”; “Bringing Out the Best in Others”; “Re-Energizing Your Life and Career” and her signature “Uncommon Resilience Series” for individuals, teams and the enterprise.

Joan is a lifelong professional learner who is committed to keeping current on the best ways to help individuals operate at peak performance from a variety of perspectives and vantage points. She has studied human capital elements in the fields of psychology, business, economics, and spiritual health to build awareness, knowledge and deep learning in order to understand how to take individuals, teams and organizations (large, small, complex, simple, worldwide or localized) to a higher performing and productive space.

Joan is a consummate professional who operates with high levels of integrity and excellence. Born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Joan relocated to the United States to pursue advanced learning opportunities. She is married and resides in West Orange, New Jersey.

Joan Lawrence-Ross