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You will only be pursued for the problems you can solve

Throughout your leadership journey you will be remembered for two things (1) the problems you solve and (2) the problems you create. I know, when it comes to giant-size problems they can be intimidating … and it does not help when everybody around you, including the leaders are running for cover. But … Do you realize that problems can be the birthplace for recognition, promotions and relationships? Yes, problems are the gateways to change. Always look at problems as the camouflage for significance, recognition, rewards and promotion. Don’t run from a problem, search for the hidden gold within it. As a mentor once said to me … “in the ashes of every problem lie diamonds of discovery and gold worth a fortune.”

When you become a problem solver you inevitably affect the attitude of others toward you. Check out some of the rewards …

The rewards of solving problems can lead to:

  1. Determining your income potential
  2. Generating credibility with others
  3. Causing others to respect and celebrate you
  4. Determining how you will be remembered
  5. Highlighting your distinction and difference from others
  6. Positioning you as an expert in that area
  7. Positioning you for exposure to influential leaders

As a problem solver keep in mind the following …

  1. Don’t try to solve problems for everyone
  2. Decide what problems you want to be remembered for solving
  3. Don’t attempt to solve too many problems at the same time
  4. Solve problems others refuse to correct
  5. Solve problems others are incapable of solving
  6. Solve a problem for someone who is too worn out to solve it
  7. Solve the most difficult problem to set you apart from others
  8. Solve problems quickly, swiftly and diligently
  9. Solve problems cheerfully and with a good attitude

Problem solvers love challenges. While others might see challenges as stumbling blocks, problem solvers see them as stepping-stones. To the problem solver, challenges are unformed opportunities to create, re-invent and to excel. The juices of a problem solver flows when an obstacle suddenly appears. Problem solvers tend to be proactive and they know that the greater the challenge, the greater the sense of accomplishment when the challenge is conquered. “Impossible” and “undoable” are not words you are likely to hear from a problem solver. Problem solvers have a different language … yes … I know we can … let’s try. Great leaders may be afraid at times but they never allow their fears to keep them from facing a challenge or problem. When others are throwing in the towel, problem solvers are going back to the drawing board to discover new paths.

“Those who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed (Lloyd Jones)”

Problem solvers view the overwhelming elements of a challenge as an opportunity to marshal forces against it …

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