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Stop fearing failure and go claim your opportunity

Some of us are so paralyzed by the “fear of failure” that we would rather quit our dream than try at all. Seriously now … until you overcome the fear of failure, you will be immobilized at the prospect of taking the leap and making that big change you’ve been thinking about. You know, the one that gets you excited and keeps you up at nights … that new direction you have not yet shared because you are concerned with what other people will think. Let’s look at your range of options … “trial and error” … “failing” … “quitting.” First of all, most of life’s successes are based on the principle of trial and error. The important thing to remember is not to confuse failing with quitting. Only when you consider failure to be final, it is really a failure just by nature of your decision. Stay with me a little and allow me to share with you my thinking.

From my perspective … failure is not an event … it is an opinion. As long as it is not your opinion you can come back and succeed. I used to think that failure is fatal but have realized that it is not because I always had the choice to begin again. I just needed to be willing to get back up, dust off my scrubs, lick my wounds and keep moving forward. Listen to me … you are not defeated until you allow your past to take your focus off your future.

The reality is … Accessing your future comes at a price
At some point you are going to need to make the transition from believing in the dream to investing in the dream. Part of the price you will have to pay is learning from the mistakes you make. You can attend every success seminar (I have); read every success manual and books (I have) and follow every success mentor (I have done that too) … but the price must always be paid in messes and mistakes (I am a lifelong student in this area).

Often failure is not falling short of your goal … it is simply a result of not making the effort. Let’s talk about how to make the most of failure and setback should it cross your path and your thinking:

  • Failure in one area can propel you to explore other areas.
  • Failure can actually help you discover new areas of success.
  • Failure can make you a better mentor and coach.
  • My personal favorite … failure is humbling as it makes you less judgmental of others. Instead of pointing an accusing finger, you are more likely to extend a helping hand because you understand the pain.

Stay focused on what’s important
When you have a dream and a vision for your future, there are certain things you must be willing to give up. You can’t keep all your options open … you have to narrow your focus to what is most important. Sadly, many of us do the opposite. Rather than focus on our dream and let go of less important things, we want to keep every option open. And, when we do, we actually face more problems because decision-making becomes overly complicated. I have to admit … at first I find it fun to have many possibilities, but as time goes by, I usually don’t make progress because I spend all of my time preserving options rather than moving forward.

The rule of thumb is … when you spend your time and energy on the few things that make a difference, tasks that aren’t exciting or immediately rewarding take on added value. Each activity becomes an important piece in that bigger picture. You pick up momentum and before you know it you are well on your way to achieving your goals.

Be passionate about your future
To be successful at claiming your future … you need to be passionate about it. Start out small until what you are focused on begins to consume your mind, thoughts, conversation and schedule … then you know you are headed for success!

Remember, pursuing your future is a process of ebbs and flows just like a tide. Find something you feel passionate about, something that energizes you, something worthy of building your life around. Remember this is your future … your peace of mind, joy, happiness and lifestyle depends on it.

To your continued success!

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