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It’s time to get back in the game and win your race

Do you realize that when you disregard your positive qualities by telling yourself … “I’m not good enough” … “I’m not doing anything right,”… “I will never get ahead,” you will always find verification of what you are looking for. Putting yourself down reinforces rather than corrects your imperfections by placing unnecessary attention and energy on everything that is wrong, rather than what is right. Why would you do this knowing the only possible result is a negative outlook, more negative feelings, and less appreciation for the gift of life and pending opportunities?

You may not realize this, but people who regularly put themselves down are often seen as complainers, not to mention the example they set to those around them. Everyone has aspects of themselves they would like to improve, but this does not mean you should beat yourself up.

Putting yourself down is not the answer or pathway to success and winning in life!

A strong leader always sees the day as sunny, not partly cloudy or fully overcast. Why? Because strong leaders know optimism is highly contagious. Even in small doses, an attitude that believes for the best can spread quickly and influence many. Yes, pessimists may gather their followers, but their progress are generally stunted as they usually fear new directions, new opportunities and the possibilities of change.

As an optimistic leader you emit a positive energy flow that is infused into your weary team and those around you until they become strong. Your team takes its cues from you the leader. So, when you get negative, your team also gets negative. When you dwell on what’s right, your team will share the same positive viewpoint.

Listen, I am not being naïve, I know there will always be critics lurking to point out what’s wrong, but no matter what, it is still your job as a leader to see what’s right.

Be armed with a Winner’s Toolkit

Tool No. 1 … Understand your present situation
You are probably in better shape than you think. You have more strength and more solutions than you think. Look – you have survived this far and that alone speaks volume of your ability … does it not? Your experience so far has given you some understanding of what you are like and what you want. You do know more now than you used to.
Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to find a way to make all that knowledge, skills and abilities work more constructively so that you don’t fall back into a rut!

Tool No. 2 … Take your time
There is nothing wrong in acknowledging that you do not know the answer to a problem or that you don’t understand and need time to think. Yes, think … it is a most valuable tool! Don’t lead other people to expect that you will make a brilliant decision or take action when you don’t feel prepared. That just adds unnecessary pressure, and you have enough of that already.

Tool No. 3 … Know your target
What do you want to accomplish? If you don’t have a target you risk wasting time and energy. Besides what will you use to measure success?

Tool No. 4 … Listen and watch
I can tell you from experience that if you take the time to carefully listen and observe, other people will tell you almost everything you want and need to know in order for you to make enlightened decisions. Even though people are often inconsistent, they do reveal themselves in time, but first you have to know how to listen.

May this toolkit serve you well for your lifelong journey of continued success and happiness!

On a final note, working harder is not always the way to get ahead in the game. The way to assure winning is to know what you want to win, to understand the tools involved and know how to isolate long-term goals from the momentary events in your life.

Isn’t it about time that you have a solid plan for winning your game and to fully enjoy what you win?

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