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Getting ready and getting started

A career is something you choose but a future is something you plan. A career can be disrupted by a number of events but planning your future is an open book to recognize opportunities and solve key problems others ignore. A career is something you do for yourself but planning your future means leaving a legacy that impacts many generations to come.

Sometimes planning your future requires you to leave your comfort zone which is never easy. But just because leaving your comfort zone isn’t easy does not mean you shouldn’t. The bigger your vision for your future, the greater the sacrifice. Real growth begins once you leave your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone will only rob you of your greatest moments and memories. Your life story is written in risks … those you took and those you started. Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed about the risks you did not take than the ones you did.

In order to map your future there is a process of planning and preparation that needs to happen. Most of us are scared of the preparation time, but here is what happens when you are not well prepared … things you hope won’t happen do, and they occur with greater frequency than the things you hope will happen. Usually, the dividing line between your victory and defeat is based how well-equipped you are for your mission. The key to winning is self-confidence, and the key to self-confidence is preparation.

As you plan your future, keep in mind three questions …

  • What are you looking to accomplish … dreams, desires, purpose, goals?
  • What will it cost you in time, effort and resources?
  • What obstacles do you need to plough through?

Your success in any venture is determined by how important it is to you and your ability to prepare for it. A great leader thinks ahead. When you make these questions a perpetual mindset you will be well on your way to achieving greatness!

Contrary to what some of us think … preparation does not begin with what we do … it begins with what we believe. If we believe that success tomorrow depends on what we do today, we’ll treat today differently. Our reality is that, the leader of the future is required to anticipate problems and prepare for them, not just to master tackling them in the moment.

There are talents in you that have not been discovered and dreams that have not been fulfilled. That’s what planning for your future is all about.

Are you preparing yourself for greater things or just settling for the status quo?

To get a start on planning and preparing for your future download two keys on how to regain your confidence edge using the link below.

Reclaim Your Confidence Edge Optin

To your continued success!

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