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Be prepared to win your future

As you pursue your future it is guaranteed that you will be challenged … it’s life. How do you prepare for and anticipate challenges? Resilient people thrive and grow in the face of adversity, challenges and change. Resilience empowers you to be effective and efficient and can only be tested in the face of challenges. On a scale of one to ten with one being low and ten being high, how would you rate your resilience level?

What Empowers Your Resilience?

  1. Tendency … are you and optimist or pessimist by nature? Some people are just naturally more positive than others and positive emotions are known to strengthen individuals and expand their ability to handle adversity. While we can intentionally create experiences that lead to positive emotions, it does not come easily for individuals with strong pessimistic traits.
  2. Personal resources … this relates to your spiritual and emotional fortitude, support system, preparedness, finances, access to people, and opportunities – all the resources within your personal sphere of influence that can help you to overcome challenges.
  3. How you think … when you are faced with challenges or a stressful situation, what do you say to yourself? What do you think about the situation at hand? Do you realize that what you think predicts how you feel, what you say and what you do? As humans we experience a range of emotions – sadness, anger, frustration, joy and exhilaration just to name a few. Thoughts lead to reactions and you have the power to change how you feel, what you say and what you do by intentionally changing what you think. Negative in … negative out but positive in … positive out.

How prepared are you for your challenges?

Success is rarely a straight line … the unexpected usually throws us off our course. The most resilient people anticipate obstacles and prepare in such a way that they are able to avoid many of the pitfalls that make the average individual stumble. Think about a particularly challenging goal in your life. In what way could you boost your level of preparation?

  1. … in your Finances – are you saving for a rainy day emergency fund or are you continually indulging in a lifestyle greater than what your income supports?
  2. … in your Health – what habits do you need to start, stop or continue in order to promote good health?
  3. … in your Relationships – who are your role models?
  4. … in your Work – are you practicing a balanced lifestyle?
  5. … in your Support system – do you have a strong network?

Questions to enhance a resilient thinking style

  1. What is your real dream?
  2. What would it mean to you to be able to accomplish your real dream?
  3. What talents, passion and experiences do you have or need to harness your real dream?
  4. What does success for this dream look and feel like?
  5. What are some obstacles you might face as you pursue this dream?
  6. How can you reduce the risk of these obstacles occurring?
  7. How will you navigate the challenges?

Practice thinking differently. Be intentional about what you say to yourself when you fail as well as when you succeed. Dream big … learn new skills … believe in yourself and your dream.

To your continued success!

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