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Get a better picture of yourself

If we are known for the company we keep, then the company we keep ought to inspire and invigorate us to greatness. Too many of us have made it our life’s work to change someone else’s opinion of us. We are determined to prove to them that we are valuable. Please listen to me when I say this … “don’t base your worth on the opinions of those who put you down!” Until you quit agreeing with those who have mistreated you, or bowing to the events that crippled you emotionally, you will remain locked in a prison of your own making. When your critic’s opinion becomes your opinion, you have just built a confinement cell with only one hostage … you! Besides, are you telling me that your critics know you better than you know yourself?

It is time to recognize that some of the people you have spent your life trying to impress, will never be impressed. And guess what … it does not matter because you know there are seeds of greatness within you just waiting for the right opportunity to be unleashed! Be selective … Not everyone is worthy of your greatness.

Positive self-esteem is one of the most important and basic qualities of a winner. It is that deep down, inside the self, feeling of your own worth. You know that! Accept yourself as you are right now – an imperfect, changing, growing and worthwhile leader. Realize that liking yourself and feeling that you are superhero in your own special way is not necessarily egotistical, and even more importantly… enjoy the unique person that you are because there is only one you and there will never be another.

Although we are not born with equal mental and physical attributes, we are born with equal rights to feel excitement and joy in believing that we deserve the very best in life. Most successful people believe in their self-worth, even when they have nothing but a dream to hold on to. More than any other quality … a healthy self-esteem is the door to achievement and happiness.

Develop the mindset of a winner. I have never met a winner who did not want to win. Winners have a desire, they are dissatisfied with the status quo and they want change for the better. Winners are self-motivated and motivation is an inside job.

Starting today, take action for more positive self-motivation:

  1.  Replace the word “can’t” with “can” in your daily vocabulary. Can applies to about 95% of the challenges you encounter.
  2. Replace the word “try” with “will” in your daily vocabulary. This is a form of semantics and simply establishes your new attitude of focusing on things you will do rather than on things you plan to try, with that built-in excuse in advance for possible failure.
  3. Don’t take counsel from your fears, and when your fears want to rule, associate yourself with other winners because they will help you to overcome your fears.
  4. Paint a picture of what achievement looks like and feels like, when you are motivating others and demonstrating your own confidence and belief in their ability to accomplish great things.

As you chart your course to a happier and more triumphant you here is your success formula:


Don’t live your life by accident or by someone else’s definition of what success for you should look like. Define your direction. Dominate Change. Defy Obstacles.

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