Education Services

Maximize Your Edge (M.Y.E.) Webinars

M.Y.E. topical webinars offer a different kind of learning experience … you learn how to make a difference as a leader and deliver strong results to your company. Each session is designed to navigate critical leadership challenges, broaden your vision, accelerate your impact, and provide insights on how to achieve sustainable performance.

The M.Y.E. webinar experience prepares you to become a well-informed strategic thinker, helping you to … tackle strategic issues … diagnose and solve challenges …
make better decisions … communicate with competence and confidence … lead an energized workforce … develop action plans for implementing real change.

The Leadership Academy (T.L.A.) eCoaching/Video on Demand

Discover your core leadership strengths and learn how to use them more effectively. Without realizing it, you may be quick to define and respond to situations with solutions that have been successful for you in the past but no longer serves you … causing you to feel stuck, frustrated, defeated and eventually losing hope and momentum.
T.L.A. offers a unique approach to upgrade your skills using video on demand eCoaching sessions. You select the skill that you wish to improve and complete a personal insight assessment (P.I.A.) in that skill concentration. The P.I.A. results uncover areas of constrained thinking habits and behaviors that may be blocking your progress and hindering your success. You receive an interpretive summary of your assessment results and access to video sessions and articles that provide a deep dive training on your selected skill.

Set To Succeed (S.T.S.) Live Events

It can be tough to stay relevant in today’s work world. Leaders need to be agile and ready to rise above, to lead with confidence and respond to tough circumstances on leading the charge. S.T.S. live events keep you at the top your game by focusing on the challenges and opportunities you face and helping you to become mentally charged: motivated, adaptive, agile and responsive.
Come prepared to:
  1. Reshape your thinking and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities on how to lead yourself, others and your company
  2. Chart your own course and gain the confidence, connections and community you need to advance your thinking and your success
  3. Create and execute new strategies that allow you to change quickly, operate more efficiently and get you ready to expand into to new opportunities
  4. Learn how to apply key research-based frameworks, foresight and possibility thinking strategies to take your performance to the next level
  5. Grow your network, learn how to inspire others, sell your ideas and forge relationships to accomplish things you never thought possible
At the S.T.S. live events you can engage with the brightest minds to discuss current and core leadership challenges impacting you, your team and your organization.

Coaching Services

Strategy Coaching

We conduct customized workshops for executives and mid-level leaders on effective strategic thinking, planning and implementation. The workshops are designed to build leadership and managerial talent while creating high-value actions plans that are aligned with strategic priorities.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Development is important for every position in the organization, especially leadership roles. If you are looking to sharpen targeted leadership skills or prepare for a bigger and more challenging role, 1:1 coaching can help you to obtain depth and breadth in more areas quickly and effectively. We use diagnostic assessments to get to the heart of the skill areas that matter. We focus only on the capabilities you need to master. We help you to set development goals, create action plans and test-drive practical activities to develop mastery.

Consulting Services

Strategy Development

Every strategic vision needs a dynamic framework within which all decisions are made and guide practices that are consistent with the nature and
direction of your business. We integrate technology-driven research and the balanced scorecard methodology to facilitate and write strategic plans for organizations.
Our approach allows you to formulate strategy quickly for use immediately for as long as conditions permit, allowing you to make changes rapidly as circumstances change.

Performance Consulting

If you are looking to implement a new strategy that has the potential to disrupt your team’s current mindset, efficiency and productivity, we help you to define and implement a strategic transition plan to get your team to effectively manage current daily operations while transitioning to the new working model.

Growth Approach

With each engagement, you learn how to activate your D3 Power™ allowing you to achieve and sustain peak performance for yourself, your team and your company.