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Do you have a 212-degree attitude?

If you have ever watched other people – no more talented than you excel beyond your level of success and happiness, you are likely to have wondered what made the difference. What makes one leader succeed at high levels while another with seemingly more resources and experience fall short of similar goals? The secret is having a 212-degree attitude!

What’s the 212-degree attitude?

At 211-degrees water is hot but at 212-degrees it boils. Boiling water emits steam and with steam you can power a train or any other heavy machinery. What a great symbol. This one extra degree makes all the difference in distinguishing good from great; average from outstanding and marginal from exponential.

The 212-degree attitude is about your passion, commitment and desire to achieve your goals – your willingness to persist and apply continual effort in order to reap exponential rewards. Do you have this extra degree?

It is amazing when I speak with individuals who are in search of greater meaning, purpose or a big win – how many missed opportunities are unraveled and the culprit … they gave up too soon. In most cases they were not aware of the possibilities they would have encountered if they had just applied a small amount of extra effort, that one degree beyond what they were doing normally.

Successful leaders know that they won’t always get their own way; plans crumble; people falter; and the breaks they get may not always go their way … the truth is … that’s life. However, WISE leaders learn to accept it and move on, they understand that winning is about crossing the finish line and that only happens for those who endure to the end. I know that endurance can be painful, but you have to admit that it is the quality that causes us to break old patterns, make new discoveries, unleash our innovative side and stand out from the crowd.

Look, I also know that there are times when we get caught between a rock and a hard place as the walls come tumbling down on our best laid plans … but what happens next depends on our attitude. Successful leaders know that attitude makes all the difference. The individual with a 212-degree attitude may become angered but never iratedisappointed but never discouraged. Leaders who demonstrate the 212-degree attitudedig-in, regroup and focus on solutions. They come to grips with their adversity and instead of being defeated by it, they keep on keeping on. These leaders understand that a level head comes from a strong heart that delivers the drive to push through.

It’s time to turn up your heat!

Know that, you may have to fight for your dream and vision more than once in order to win it. As quoted by Thomas Edison … “Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”


Now that you are aware of the power of that extra degree of effort … what are you going to do now to bring your dream to life? With awareness comes responsibility and it is now your responsibility to act. Where will you exert the extra degree of effort to harness your success:
… your friendship
… your parenting
… your marriage
… your work
… your leadership?

Commit, starting today … if you see a person struggling – offer to help … if you see a door that needs to be opened – open it … if you need to up your game – learn something new … if you feel like quitting … DON’T.

Always work to exert that extra effort to make your future brighter and better than your past.

To your continued success!

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