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What are you doing to transform your future?

You have within you the ability to create any change you want … your daily focus paves the way … your challenges direct what needs to be confronted … your weakness offers insight as to what to correct and … a trusted mentor can help you chart your course. Today I want to share with you seven secrets you need to acknowledge and embrace in order to experience uncommon success. They have and still continue to serve me well.

First, let’s define success … you can create success by the moment … hour … day. I know you have already collected many successes in your life. However, it is important for you to see that success can become habitual, continuous and consecutive.
Success is personal.
Success is obtaining something worthwhile to you.
Success is not a place … it is an experience.
Success is not a season but a lifestyle.
You will not be able to fully change your life and move towards perpetual success until you change the voice you trust.

Success Secret #1
Your difference decides your importance! This is the quality or trait within you that cannot be found in another. Often it is our similarity that creates comfort but think about it … it will be your difference that creates your rewards. Take some time to discover your distinctive difference. Don’t become a hostage to trying to be what somebody wants you to be instead of who you really are. It is important to discover your difference … your future depends on it.

Success Secret #2
Where is your focus? Winning or losing starts in your mind. If you win in your mind … you will win in life. If you lose in your mind, you will lose in life. You need to focus on winning something from your future. Your mind does not filter information on its own. Your mind is literally an emotional magnet searching for information to verify your opinion or to escape to a present pain. Be careful what you expose to your mind … negative in – negative out … positive in – positive out … losing in … loser out … winning in – winner out. You need to give your mind specific instructions to win your course. Feed your mind with the right stimulus!

Success Secret #3
Something you are not seeing is costing you. Those of you who never ask questions, research or read are playing with arrogance. The proof of humility is your willingness to ask questions, to learn and to grow. Do this regularly and you are not likely to miss opportunities.

Success Secret #4
Be attentive to the people and things you invite to your circle. There are some who add to your life and some who multiply you exponentially but don’t forget to weed out those who subtract and divide your focus keeping you distracted from achieving your goals.

Success Secret #5
Are you performing your best at your present place? You will succeed somewhere … not everywhere. Have you found your place? Never stay where your weakness will flourish and your strength will die. You will never be honored for your difference when you are in the wrong place.

Success Secret #6
Who are you honoring for their difference? When you honor others you are willing to magnify their difference and value instead of commercializing their weakness. Dishonor exposes a deceiver and disqualifies you from a relationship. Dishonor is a choice and a character decision. Honor will take you further than genius and all your experiences in life. Honoring others qualifies you for a different relationship … closer … growing … long-term. Honoring others is your gateway to access.

Success Secret #7
Share your gifts and talents with others. Pay it forward. Plant seeds of success into the next generation. Set your mark on the next generation and leave a legacy.

Don’t forget to celebrate your milestones!

To your continued growth and success!

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